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We develop video games and interactive experiences that have an impact – narrative, emotional, educational, or anything inbetween. We are experts in the fields of Gamification, Serious Games, and app that make a difference.

While working on our own projects, we’re also working with others to help them develop games, apps, and other digital tools – you can find a selection of our past projects below. Contact us for inquiries on what we can assist you with: Gamification, Game Development (e.g. Serious Games), Workshops, Talks, and Consultation.

About off the beaten track

We strive to move people and evoke strong emotions developing “games that make a difference”. We want to show what videogames can be as a medium and leave a little dent in their universe. Our games are unconventional and try to explore the boundaries of the medium. With new twists on game mechanics and a focus on characters and storytelling, we let you see the world through different eyes. As a small indie team we have the freedom to try new game design principles in our own projects while offering professionalism and reliability to our contract partners.

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Jens Bahr
CEO, Programming

Luisa Höhne
2D Art

Sascha Reinhold

Marc Freitag