Adventure Jam 2021 Digest #2

Hey everyone! Last week we kicked off our digest series for this year’s Adventure Jam, a 2-week game jam on narrative games! The jam’s second weekend is already over by now, so it’s time to take another look at the participants’ creations! There has been a lot of focus on characters, and we’re excited to meet all of them!

Let’s jump into the progress of the games that were featured in last week’s digest and to also see some visual content by devs that had not shared their progress before!

Did you know? Back in 2016’s Adventure Jam some of us developed the game AWAKE! You can read the start of our blog post series detailing that here.

Why we care

Adventure games are our jam (pun intended)! We are currently working on a story-driven game putting you in the shoes of different family members when one of them suffers a stroke. What sacrifices are you willing to make to keep your loved ones close? You can wishlist the game on Steam below!