Adventure Jam 2021 Digest #1

Hello everyone! Every year we are terribly excited for Adventure Jam, a 2-week gamejam on narrative games! This year, we sadly don’t have the time to join the activities due to our ongoing work on The Cost of Recovery…but we are keeping our eyes out and thought we’d share our look through the spyglass with you.

The journey of 2021’s adventure jam has only just begun, so this first digest is focused on some great early designs and ideas that we’ve already seen on Twitter. We can’t wait to see the progress that these games will make till our next digest post!

Why we care

Adventure games are our jam (pun intended)! We are currently working on a story-driven game putting you in the shoes of different family members when one of them suffers a stroke. What sacrifices are you willing to make to keep your loved ones close? You can wishlist the game on Steam below!