Bring light into the darkness! Our lighting system Asset transforms the user gaming experience with its hassle-free setup – just add a component! Enjoy beautiful lighting volumes, smooth fades and great performance with lightweight shader graphics. Immerse your Players in HDR colors, custom blending and real-time per-light adjustments. Lighting made easy!

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With our Asset, you can have a user-friendly experience as easy as adding a component! You’re freed from complex design with this simplified design, creating an environment unlimited by technical complexity to express creativity Take advantage of a simple integration process that allows time for creative expression instead rather than a tedious installation.

No matter whether it is atmospheric area lights or precise highlights with spot lights, our lighting system is easy to use and very lightweight. However, please note that directional lights are not supported. Give your in-game scene greater immersion with authentic exposure without putting too much strain on your system.

If you have many similar light sources, such as street lights, you can use our profiles so the lights share the same settings. This means you don’t have to adjust each light individually.

Use the profiles to share the appropriate settings for each of your lighting scenarios.

The asset uses the power of Unity’s shader graphs. Their lightweight nature means they not only deliver great performance, but also give you the ability to make real-time lighting-parameter adjustments in the Unity-Editor. Adjust the lighting of your scenes to your liking, finding a good balance between immersive Scenes and necessary computational effort.