Bring light into the darkness! Our lighting system transforms your gaming experience with its hassle-free setup – just add a component! Enjoy pinpoint lighting volumes, smooth fades and peak performance with lightweight shader graphics. Immerse yourself in HDR colors, custom blending and real-time per-light adjustments. No more hassle – lighting made easy!

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> Effortless Setup for Seamless Integration

Embrace a user-friendly experience with our features – initiation is as simple as adding a component! This streamlined setup liberates you from the intricacies of configuration, fostering an environment where creativity can flourish without the burden of technical complexities. Enjoy a seamless integration process, leaving more time for artistic expression and less time dealing with setup intricacies.

> Versatile Lightweight Volumes

Whether it’s the ambiance of point lights, the expansive coverage of area lights, or the precise brilliance of spotlights, our Light System delivers tailored lightweight volume options for each lighting type. Note that we do not support directional lights.

This focus on details guarantees that your virtual setting is immersed in authentic lighting, accurately portraying the subtleties of light changes while still optimizing computational performance.

> Save time with Light profiles

If you have a lot of similar lights, like street lights, you can use profiles to make them all share the same settings. That way you don’t have to adjust each one, but you can change all of them at once!

Use the profiles to add depth and authenticity, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in virtual lighting scenarios.

> High-Performance driven by Shader Graphs

At the core of our software lies the powerhouse of lightweight shader graphs. This not only ensures exceptional performance but also empowers users with the flexibility of real-time adjustments to lighting parameters. Fine-tune the nuances of your scenes dynamically, striking the perfect balance between visual representation and computational efficiency.