Looking for a way to streamline feedback and bug reporting processes directly from your Unity projects? With our system, collecting crucial information, stack traces, and logs when errors occur has never been easier. Works automatically in the background or with a user-initiated feedback form that’s super easy to setup. Our system ensures your reports reach your inboxes quickly and efficiently – and we support a lot of different inboxes to make sure the reports land excatly where you need them.

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Setting up the system is as easy as adding a single component to your scene. It’s easy to customize what you want to send, when you want to send it, and where it should be sent to.

Seamlessly integrate with a diverse range of APIs, including Github, Discord, Jira, Notion, OpenProject, Slack, Trello, UnityCloudDiagnostics even your own API-Endpoints or E-Mail. Our support for these APIs ensures that you can effortlessly connect your project management tools with your game.

Enabling your playtesters to submit reports effortlessly through our pre-build bug report form. It’s easy to set up and built to be customized by you, so that it fits your needs and style.