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Remakes and Remasters
We recently started our streaming cycle and picked remasters & remakes as our next topic. For this blogpost we summarized our key points – What do we love about remakes? What makes a good remake? And do we have too many remakes and remasters nowadays?
Verbs in Game Design
After streaming all of the Adventure Jam 2021 games, we noticed that verbs are an integral part of the design of adventure games, and in game design in general. That's why we decided to have a little discussion about verbs in games! This blogpost sums up our talk and gives a few good and not-so-good examples of how games make use of verbs.
Learnings from a Q&A-session about publishing games on Steam with Valve
Jens recently had the chance to co-organize a Q&A session with several folks from Valve about "Publishing games on Steam". Today's blogpost summarizes the key learnings and most interesting questions of the session!
Meet the Expedition Team: Jens
As the founder of Off The Beaten Track, Jens combines a lot of positions: From game design and programming to bookkeeping and filing taxes! Find out more about him and why he thought it would be a good idea to found a video game development company.
Expedition Log #3: The one after we announced our game
As you might have noticed, we formally announced our game The Cost of Recovery during gamescom 2020! After some weeks of work on getting everything ready, it felt very good to finally show it to everybody and start collecting some precious feedback.
Expedition Log #2: The one where things start falling into place
We’re still up and about, tinkering on our unannouced game. The last weeks have been a lot of fun because we made a lot of progress on different fronts. We can’t wait to share more about our game once it has been officially announced. But without further ado, let’s see how these past weeks have been going for us!
Expedition Log #1: The one where we start our devlog
Game development is a wild ride and our current project is no exception - but since we haven't formally announced the game yet, it's sometimes hard to share details about what we're up to and how things are going. That's why we decided to start a dev log.
Three years of Adventure Jam. Part three: The Ransom
Three years of Adventure Jam. Part three: The Ransom Adventure Jam 2018 presented me with a new set of challenges I had not anticipated. At first reluctant to join due to time constraints, I decided to team up with old friends and create a small game, optimizing our production by planning ahead as much as...
Three years of Adventure Jam. Part two: One Of Us
Three years of Adventure Jam. Part two: One Of Us I returned to Adventure Jam in 2017 with a new set of challenges. In 2016 we had joined as a team and always knew what to do and who would do it. We were all working together locally. In 2017 I did not have that...
Our exibition at the Waterkant Festival 2018
Our exibition at the Waterkant Festival 2018 This year’s Waterkant Festival was a very special time for us: not only did we have the chance to show our game ‘The Ransom‘ to the festival audience but we were also involved in organizing a game jam and speaking at the festival. It was our first time...

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