#OTBTplays AdvXJam 2021: Round 1 & 2

Hello everyone! Earlier this year we played all the entries to the Adventure Jam 2021 – as you know, we are always terribly excited for narrative adventures! So we were delighted to see AdvXJam 2021 taking place, another two-week gamejam focused on narrative games. The AdvXJam 2021 was hosted by AdventureX, a UK-based convention that … Read more

Meet the Expedition Team: Alex

Alex joined our company as a programming intern and we’re very happy to have him as a permanent member by now. Find out more about him and his work in this blogpost, you’ll be rewarded with a cute picture of his bunny 🐰!

Meet the Expedition Team: Ines

Ines is one of our original team members and takes care of our Marketing and Social Media department. She has always been a video game enthusiast but took a bit longer than the others to find her place in the video game industry – she’s here now though and she came to stay!