Developing games, apps & tools
Are you looking for a strong partner to help you with the development of a game, app, or any other digital tool? As game developers we are experts in interactive media, gamification, intuitive interfaces, tutorials and digital workflows. We also have a strong background in tools development. Interested? Let's chat!
Game Development

We can help you with the development of your game from concept to the release of the game on app stores. We can also help you with parts of your project - as programmers, artists, musicians or even using our motion capture setup.

Multiplatform development

We're developing all our games and applications with a crossplatform mindset. All our projects run on different devices like PCs, phones, tablets and consoles - maximizing their potential and their audience.


Are you looking to motivate your users and improve the usability of your applications? Our team members are experienced game designers and have been working in gamification projects for years - one of us even taught gamification at a university!

Tools development

Your work is only as effective as the tools you are using. We specialize in the creation of intuitive and powerful digital tools. Are you looking to maximize your productivity and embrace a truly digital mindset? Get in touch!

Workshops, talks and consultation
Are you planning a game design or design thinking workshop, or would like to talk about ways to incorporate gamification in your business? We have a broad portfolio of workshops and talks that focus on games, gamification, digitalization, interactive media and intuitive, powerful tools. Get in touch with us - we can help you integrate these new and exciting technologies to kickstart your business, increase productivity and have a little bit of fun along the way.
Winner: Best of Show, Hamburg Games Conference
Liz Fodor, Nomination: Best Overall Performance – Movie or Game Trailer, One Voice Conference
Finalist PitchYaGame Awards 2021
What our clients say

Working with Jens and his team is a lot of fun. Their uncomplicated, helpful and flexible style made it easy for us to let more commissions follow the first one - expecially since the result is always great!

Hendrik Peeters

Hendrik Peeters

CEO, Tivola Games GmbH

Highlight: The CEO who thinks ahead and not just along.
Learning: OTBT finds a solution even when I don't know what to do!
Specialty: The team at OTBT combines a wide range of disciplines and thereby shows the way into the future.
Findings: Today's service means future-oriented customer orientation with a strong technical expertise.

Meike Christiansen

Meike Christiansen


Our collaboration with Off The Beaten Track was professional and uncomplicated. The team was very accommodating and the technical issues were conveyed to us in an understandable way. The regular personal exchange was also very helpful. The team implemented our wishes very competently, creatively and reliably. Overall: A great collaboration and very professional implementation of the game. Thanks a lot for this!

Interested? Get in touch!

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