Stream discussion

Remakes and Remasters

We recently started our streaming cycle and picked remasters & remakes as our next topic. For this blogpost we summarized our key points – What do we love about remakes? What makes a good remake? And do we have too many remakes and remasters nowadays?

Verbs in Game Design

After streaming all of the Adventure Jam 2021 games, we noticed that verbs are an integral part of the design of adventure games, and in game design in general. That’s why we decided to have a little discussion about verbs in games!
This blogpost sums up our talk and gives a few good and not-so-good examples of how games make use of verbs.

Expedition Log #2: The one where things start falling into place

We’re still up and about, tinkering on our unannouced game. The last weeks have been a lot of fun because we made a lot of progress on different fronts. We can’t wait to share more about our game once it has been officially announced. But without further ado, let’s see how these past weeks have been going for us!

Expedition Log #1: The one where we start our devlog

Game development is a wild ride and our current project is no exception – but since we haven’t formally announced the game yet, it’s sometimes hard to share details about what we’re up to and how things are going. That’s why we decided to start a dev log.